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The Stay In The Zone CD Program-Testimonial

Posted by: Dr. Granat on November 11, 2007

Athletes and non athletes use the Stay In The Zone Program to improve their performances in a wide array of settings.  The product is available at:

 Here is a recent letter from a satisfied client:


April 1, 2007 

Dear Jay, 

I had while preparing for one of my many sales workshops that I’ve been doing around the country for over 5 years. Normally, I love doing this workshop. 

But this time, my client was one of my more difficult clients. Although he’s a great person, he can’t help himself when it comes to micromanaging everything and everybody. He’s overly attached to the demand for perfection which means he wants to rewrite everything. Frankly, he was destroying my workshop, getting me nuts and disrupting my usual self-confidence and healthy aggression!  

This is not a good thing for a speaker. I pride myself on being self-confident and taking control of the room when I’m delivering a workshop. It got so bad I debated canceling the workshop and then I remembered one of your segments from the “In the Zone” CD set.  

The one that struck me as important at this juncture was the one about imaging myself in front of the fire and drawing the feeling of being a warrior. It returned me to a proper aggressive attitude. 

I found the courage to tell the client, “I’ve been doing this workshop for over 5 years to rave reviews the way it is. These same rave reviews are why you hired me. Trust me to do it my way and trust that ultimately it will be best for you, your company.” The way I said it must have connected with him because he immediately apologized and told me to do what I felt was in his best interest. 

The workshop that I was dreading turned out to be one of the very best I’ve ever done and his shop is already reaping the benefits of what I taught them. I wanted to share this with you and your other clients. 

Thanks for sharing your system for success with me. 


______Al LeviMore information about how to stay in the zone is available at

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