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Sports Psychology: What Does Every Top Athlete, Coach And Parent Really Want?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on November 19, 2009

    I have counseled thousands of athletes and their families, and believe it or not,

many of them want the same thing.

     This applies to tennis players, golfers, baseball players, swimmers, divers, ice

skaters, wrestlers, martial artists, soccer players, gymnasts and  bowlers. You name the

athlete or the sport and you will see how they all want the same thing.

    What is it?

     Well, they want to learn how to get in the zone and stay there.  And this is what I teach them how to do.

       Many of my books and cd programs are devoted to this topic.

       This cd program shows you twenty simple techniques for getting into the zone.

         And one of my books shows you how to get into the zone in just one minute.

  In fact, one of my books shows people how to get into the zone in just one minute.



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