Sports Psychology: Tim Tebow, Religion And Sports

Lots of athletes and coaches utilize their faith and their spirituality on and off

the field. And some derive great courage, calmness, hope and optimism from their

religious beliefs.

Many players have engaged in prayer while they compete and before and

after games.

Tim Tebow, the remarkable Denver Bronco quarterback and the former Heisman

Trophy winner, has brought his powerful religious convictions into our media and our

culture in a big way.

And Tim Tebow could have a powerful impact on religion in America.

He is handsome, soft spoken, humble and mentally tough. He has shown that he

can win ugly, and like his boss John Elway, he knows how to stage dramatic comebacks

in the fourth quarter of a game.

As fantasy football lovers know, he has some impressive running statistics and some

fantastic fourth quarter numbers.

Considering how sports crazy our culture is, it is likely that many athletes will

imitate Tebow. Lots of competitors will want to “Be Like Tim.”

Some may start to attend their churches, synagogues or mosques more often.

Parents of young athletes may start to encourage their kids to pray more frequently.

Tebow could become the Billy Graham of the gridiron.

He has been on an incredible winning streak for the last eight weeks.

Now, if he starts to lose, you have to wonder if some people will start to lose their


Nevertheless, his has been a divine season.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist in River Edge, NJ and the Founder of

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