Sports Psychology: The Dynamic Relationship Between, Confidence, Focus and Relaxation

   Sports Psychology
And The Dynamic Relationship
 Between Confidence, Focus And Relaxation


Jay P. Granat, Ph.D.

Every day, I get calls from parents, kids and coaches who want to learn how to perform better.
   Frequently, these callers want to learn skills strategies and tecniques to be confident, focused, less anxious and relaxed when they compete. 
   There are a half a dozen programs and several books at which deal with these topics.  And it is important to realize that there is a dynamic relatiionship between confidence, focus, winning, succeeding and being relaxed. 
   For instance, when confidence goes up anxiety goes down.  When anxiety rises confidence can also slip.  When anxiety rises, the athlete’s ability to focus diminshes.
    Most athletes learn to tackle each of these elements one at a time.  That is, I teach them how to relax.  Then I teach them how to focus and then I show them what they need to do to believe in themselves. 
    However, there are some athletes who I can teach to master all these factors at the same time by learning how to develop what is the ideal performance state of mind for them. 
    How I train an athlete depends on their personalities, where they are stuck and how much mental training they have had before they come to see me. 
    In general, all competitors benefit from learning how to manage these psychological factors.

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Dr. Granat

About Dr. Granat

Since 1978, Dr. Granat has counseled thousands of highly competitive athletes from many different sports. His clients have included golfers, tennis players, bowlers, runners, boxers, baseball players, basketball players, pool players, hockey players, ice skaters, wrestlers, fencers and martial artists. (Satisfied Clients) on this site. Now athletes who are struggling with choking, nervousness, lack of confidence, negative thoughts, self-doubt, lack of energy or concentration problems can get the help they need to excel in their respective sport by phone.
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