Sports Psychology, Tennis: What Makes Roger Federer So Special

Roger Federer has several things going for him that seem to set him apart from the other players. First, he is better at elevating his game in key situations than is anyone I

have ever watched on a tennis court. He can switch his game into another gear when the situation calls for it. Second, he is blessed with fantastic foot speed, marvelous anticipation and the balance of a ballerina. In most sports, there is simply no substitute for being blessed with pure speed. Third, he seems to understand the geometry of tennis in a way that no one else does right now. He creates wonderful shots from every spot on the court. Federer is like a chess master who sees moves that many others can not imagine. Fourth, he is very even tempered and he keeps his emotions under control all of the time. Fifth, his ability to tune out distractions and focus on the ball is unmatched as his talent for hitting the ball with a still head, even if he is on the run. This is an important asset for a tennis player, a baseball hitter, a hockey player or a golfer. Sixth, Federer is forever the gracious gentleman. This may contribute to his ability to manage emotional ups and downs. Last, I believe he is determined to create a special tennis legacy. Wisely, like Tiger Woods, he is saving his energy for the major tennis events.

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