Sports Psychology: Stress Management For Young Athletes

Being an elite athlete can produce significant stress for teenagers who


participate in highly competitive sports. A lot of the stress comes from

pressure that they put on themselves and pressure that they experience

from coaches, media, parents and peers.

Many fine athletes who have I counseled suffer from significant anxiety, depression,

insomnia and stress. Some competitors have difficulty managing their feelings on and off

the athletic field.

Several years ago, I conducted a seminar for athletes who wanted to better

manage the stress they were experiencing in their athletic lives and their

personal lives. I emphasized several skills that athletes needed to learn

to better manage stress. I tried to teach these skills to the athletes in

a very simple way. The tools I spoke about were:

1. I taught the athletes some basic relaxation, visualization and self-hypnotic

techniques. These techniques can be found on my Stay In The Zone

CD program. For more information on this go to:

2. I taught them how to utilize humor to relax and place the sport in a

reasonable and positive perspective:

3. I explained that certain parts of their physical work outs could be

used as stress reduction tools.

4. I equipped the athletes with some skills for being less self-critical and for

managing difficult parents, coaches, teammates and competitors more

effectively. In short, I provided them a new and healthier philosophy

for managing people.

For more information about stress management for athletes, sports

psychology, and counseling for athletes, coaches and parents by

phone, visit

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is a Psychotherapist and the Founder of He can be reached at 888 580-ZONE.

Dr. Granat

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