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Sports Psychology News And Tips: Twenty Eight Tips For Parents Of Young Athletes

Posted by: Dr. Granat on May 2, 2015

Over the years, I have counseled Olympic champions, professional athletes, high school athletes, college athletes, weekend warriors and young athletes.
These athletes have participated in a wide range of sports including: baseball, tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, lacrosse,
wrestling, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, archery, mixed martial arts, running, football, weightlifting, triathalons,
archery, bowling, figure skating, gymnastics and cheerleading.
In today’s culture, there is a lot of pressure on the youngsters and the parents.
Where youngsters are concerned, parents and coaches frequently ask the same questions:

1. Should my child focus on one sport or be exposed to many different sports?
2. How can I really tell if my child has special talent?
3. What should I say to my child after the game?
4. How do I know if I have the right coach?
5. Should I coach my kid?
6. Should I to his or her games?
7. Why is my kid great in practice but different under game pressure?
8. How can I build my child’s confidence?
9. My son loses his temper at games. What should I do?
10. My youngster has difficulty focusing. What can we do?
11. What is the best way to build a young athelte’s contest?
12. Why is my child so nervous before games?
13. How can I motivate my child or my team?
14. What can we do to help my child get more playing time?
15. My child is intimidated by aggressive players and coaches?
16. My son has not been the same since he was injured?
17. Practice is not helping my daughter to improve. What should we do?
18. My kid seems to be suffering from burn out. What do you suggest?
19. My child is anxious in sports and at school. What can be done?
20. My child is losing to players he can beat. Why is this happening?
21 When is it time to change coaches?
22. When is it time to change teams?
23. What is the best sport for my kid?
24. Why do some kids like teams sports and others like individual sports?
25. What should my kid do to get mentally ready before he or she competes?
26. I have heard a lot about mental toughness training, sport psychology, visualization and meditation. How does this work and can it really help?
27. My child and I are having a lot of arguments about sports.
What should we do?
28. What is the “zone” or “flow” and how can I help my kid to get there more often?

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