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Posted by: Dr. Granat on March 25, 2009

Jap P. Granat, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist, Founder,

Academia and sports are becoming increasingly more competitive in today’s world. I recently read that some of the Ivy League schools are now rejecting seventy percent of the valedictorians who apply for admission. Obviously, these elite schools are swamped with applicants. In addition, the admissions people are now considering other factors like SAT scores, community service, athletic abilities and leadership potential when they review applications from perspective students.

Similarly, the competition for athletic scholarships is now quite intense, since many students and their parents are hoping to defray the high cost of college and have an opportunity to continue playing the sport or sports that they have been involved in during high school. Frequently, when a parent contacts me about his or her child’s sports performance issues, they also raise concerns about academic matters. “I would like my son to be more confident, focused and organized on the field and in the classroom.”

Fortunately, the mental skills which help one to excel in sports parallel the psychological abilities which are required for academic success. There is a great deal of overlap when one is coaching a top student- athlete. Improving one’s sports performance can frequently help to elevate one’s academic accomplishments.

Sports therapists help student-athletes with the following: tension control, relaxation training, self-confidence, distraction control, visualization training, meditation, guided imagery, playing in the present, interpersonal relationships with coaches, parents, competitors and teammates, organizational skills, training regimes, recovering from injuries, recovering from slumps, setting and achieving goals, preparing for major events, choking, motivational problems, nutritional concerns, time management, juggling academics and athletics, applying for colleges and getting athletic scholarships.

Many athletes who use our Stay In The Zone programs report that it has been helpful in their sport as well as in their academic pursuits. Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is the Founder of

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