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Sports Psychology: How To Bowl In The Zone

Posted by: Dr. Granat on April 14, 2008

Over the years, I have counseled many bowlers. I have showed them how they
can into the zone before they release their ball.


Bowlers, like shooters and archers really can control the outcome of their performances. The only variable they have to contend with once they dial into the zone is the differences between the two lanes which they are competing on. Also, they can not control what their opponents might do.

Recently, I got a letter from a PBA bowler who told me that he rolled two three hundred games since listening to my CD program-
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Bowlers tend to respond quite well to my techniques because I emphasize being calm, focused, confident and optimistic when you step onto the lanes and put your fingers in your ball.

Bowlers who use my products and who I coach master the art of placing themselves
into a state of mind which we call “the zone.” This “zone” resembles a hypnotic state
where the athlete is totally absorbed in what he or she is trying to do with the ball
and with their bodies.

If you are a bowler and have a question about improving your game, feel free to
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