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Sports Psychology: How Many Ways Are There To Break A Hitting Slump?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on January 7, 2008

Every week, I get calls from baseball players, coaches and parents of baseball
players concerned about hitting slumps. Last year, I worked with a ton of baseball
players and it reminded me of how complicated hitting can be for many struggling


There are many techniques and strategies which help a hitter to end a slump,
regain his confidence and feel comfortable at the plate once again. Believe it or not,
I have identified more than one hundred ways to end a slump.

Some players benefit from learning how to relax. Others need to be guided in
a manner that will end their self-criticism and rediscover their belief in themselves.

Sometimes, hitters are making mental errors by not attending to the count,
their history with a particular pitcher or the game situation.

Frequently, hitters need to learn how to quiet their minds and have either one
thought or no thought while they are at the plate.

Some players who I have coached get themselves into trouble in the dugout or
in the on deck circle. They defeat themselves before they ever get to the plate.

101 Ways To Break Out Of A Hitting Slump has lots of tips for young
baseball players, college players and professional players. Here is the link to
get this program.

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