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Over the years many pro golfers have asked me for help with their


putting. Professional golfers are quite perfectionistic about

their short games and are rarely satisfied with this crucial part

of their sport.

When you counsel golfers at this elite level, making a minor adjustment

is usually all that is needed to get them to “putt in the zone.”

Sometimes, however, it takes a little while to discover exactly what button you

need to push within the golfer to get them to roll the ball the way they

want to. I ask golfers lots of questions about their approach to putting

and try to understand their putting style and what it is like for them

to be putting in the zone and putting out of the zone.

In many cases we work on the finding the right amount of relaxation.

I teach golfers many different ways to relax their mind and their bodies.

It is essential that their hands, shoulders and arms are free of tension, if

they are to putt well.

Occasionally, we change the pre-shot routine. Sometimes a new routine

produces fantastic results. One pro decided to hum a favorite tune while

walking toward the green.

Some players benefit from learning to hypnotize themselves prior to

addressing the ball. In this hypnotic state, they find it easy to enter the


Other golfers benefit from utilizing a different practice regime.

Changing they way you practice can have a huge impact on your performance

during competition. Changing the practice routine also helps to prevent

burn out.

Some golfers need to make changes in the way they visualize their putts.

Believe it or not, there are many ways to imagine the putt going into the

hole Gbefore you strike it.

Every so often, we suggest eye exams, new putters or different kinds

of grips. The player must see well and feel very comfortable in order to

perform well.

We also work on mental toughness, so that the golf professional can

believe in himself or herself when they have to sink a pressure putt.

Some players struggle with three foot putts, while others have difficulty

with longer putts when they are in the heat of battle.

Some fine players are intimidated by certain competitors. I like

my athletes to be as fearless as possible when they compete in tournaments.

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Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., is a Psychotherapist and the author of How To Lower
Your Golf Score With Sport Psychology and Self-Hypnois and How To
Get In The Zone And Stay In The Zone With Sport Psychology and

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