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Sports Psychology For Golfers

Posted by: Dr. Granat on September 26, 2006

Want To Play On The PGA Tour, The Nationwide Tour Or The Hooters Tour?
Over the last few years, I have worked with a number of golfers who want


to play professional golf. It is very challenging and difficult to make it on

these tours, since the competition is stiff and the margin for error is small.

In many of these events, you need to shoot sixty eight in order to advance

or qualify. This is no simple task and one bad hole can ruin your chances of

doing well in these contests.

The golfers who qualify at these events tend to be the players who are mentally

tough, confident, relaxed and focused. The players who succeed at these events have

mastered the physical as well as the mental aspects of this challenging sport.

All of the players hit the ball well. However, some of them are, quite frankly

mentally weak. They don’t train well, they don’t manage the courses efficiently,

they have difficulty controlling their emotions and they don’t know how to

compete when the pressure is on.

I teach golfers how to master the psychological aspects of their game. We

carefully explore their strengths and weaknesses and teach them skills to help them

“dial into the zone.”

If you are a serious player who is trying to make it on any of the tours and you

need some advice, help or a program, give me (Dr. Jay P. Granat) a call at

888 580-ZONE or visit

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