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Sports Psychology And Football: What Really Happened To The New York Giants This Year?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on January 14, 2009

   Here are a few thougths on this.....   

 The season ended badly for The New York Giants.


       Sportswriters, radio pundits and fans have a lot of theories as to what enabled The


Philadelphia Eagles to out play and out coach Big Blue.


       Some will blame the loss on the departure of Plexico Berris.


      Some will say some questionable coaching decisions during the course of the


game caused the loss.


       Others will fault Eli Manning for his poor performance on a windy and cold day.


       Some will fault mother nature for giving us a tough day to play.


        Others fans seem to  feel that Ahmad Bradshaw should have been used more often.


      And some will simply say that Philadelphia Eagles are a good team and they played


with more intensity, confidence and focus than did the New Jersey Giants. 


        After a tough loss in a huge game like this one, everyone gets to assume the role of


Monday morning quarterback.  


          All of the explanations for a loss are pure speculation.  However, if you look at the


end of this season and focus on what is happening in the league, you will see that the


teams that are advancing have a very reliable and dependable ally on their sides.


           They have momentum.  The teams that are winning have been performing well


lately.  The Giants have really not been performing well of late.   They seemed to peak


earlier in the season.  


             Confidence and momentum go together.  And once a team has this kind of


positive energy, they tend to perform very well.  The Eagles had momentum.


The Giants offense and the coaches did not appear to have very much of this feeling


on this particular Sunday. 


               In my view, the teams with the most momentum now are Philadelphia and


Pittsburgh and I believe their momentum will carry them into the Super Bowl. 


            I think Pittsburgh will win it all.  They have great balance on offense and defense


now.    We’ll know if I am right in a few weeks.


            As far as the Giants go, they have a great nucleus, a fine head coach and a


good quarterback.  There should be much to cheer about next year.  However, there are


now a lot of teams that are pretty equal in the league.  Eight or ten NFL squads will


be very competitive next season.   It should be a very interesting year for football fans.

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