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Sports Psychology: A Good Tip For Impressing Coaches And Scouts

Posted by: Dr. Granat on May 24, 2008

To Get An Athletic Scholarship, You Have To Impress The Coaches


Due to the rising cost of a college education and as a result of the increased interest
in playing sports at the university level, more and more athletes and families are
working toward athletic scholarships.

There are consultants and seminars which outline the strategies, techniques
and tactics which can increase the likelihood of getting an athletic scholarship.

Many elite young athletes have personal trainers, speed coache fitness
coaches and nutritionists.

I counsel lots of young athletes and I help them to stay calm, confident, focused
and optimistic when they compete or when they are being looked at by scouts or
by coaches. I teach them how to get into the zone and if you visit, you will see the books, programs and counseling services
that I provide to athletes, parents and coaches.

Another important part of the application process is the recruitment dvd. These
dvd’s are particularly important for athletes who play football and baseball.

I spoke to Peter Gallo of Envision Video in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey to learn
more about the keys for creating an effective dvd for athletes seeking college

According to Mr. Gallo, ‘The videos are intended to showcase the young athlete’s
game highlights as well as his or her skills and talents. The coaches who get these
videos know what they are looking for and it is a good idea to try to impress them at
the start of program. Don’t make the mistake of saving your best play or most
impressive skill for later in the dvd. Start off with something that will really
get their attention and impress them.

Remember, these coaches are getting lots of these dvd’s, and like a resume being
sent to a potential employer, yours needs to really stand out from the crowd.”

High school coaches should be able to give you some guidance as to
the content of your dvd.

It is also a good idea to talk to college coaches and recruiters to find out
exactly what they want to see on the video.

In the old days, athletes might send newspaper clips and newspaper
articles about their accomplishments in sports. But, like many other tasks in
today’s world, technology has become increasingly more important in obtaining

an athletic scholarship to a good school. A well prepared dvd can help to increase
the likelihood of getting that treasured athletic scholarship.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is a Psychotherapist and the Founder of

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