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Sports Psychology: A Cure For The Yips

Posted by: Dr. Granat on June 20, 2008

The yips can be frustrating for golfers with high handicaps and with low handicaps.
Over the years, I have counseled a number of tour players who felt they were suffering from the yips.
In my experience, professional golfers are rarely satisfied with their putting and they are always looking for ways to one putt more greens. Obviously, if you are nervous,
twitching, pulling the ball, or lacking in confidence and focus, you can’t putt very well.
I have helped many golfers with the yips and with other putting problems through a combination of self-hypnosis, visualization, relaxation training and guided imagery.
Some practice these techniques when they get onto the green and others use them daily, since they feel that if they are calm, confident, focused and optimistic before they step on the course, they are apt to beat the yips, putt better and score better.
As one golfer recently remarked, “I am now calmer, less self-critical and more confident on and off the course, since I started using the methods you taught me in your office and the techniques described on your cd programs.
Frequently, making a small change in a golfer’s approach to putting will solve their
case of the yips.
Golfers with low handicaps can learn to manage the yips and compete more
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Golfers with higher handicaps who want to start to master the mental game and
cure their yips should try this golf program and the book which accompanies it.
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