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Annoucing a new program to help skaters get into the zone and stay there. Figure skaters, parents and coaches can now learn how to get mentally tougher when the pressure is on.(PRWeb May 11, 2011)Read the full story at [...]
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A new contest run by a Psychotherapist and Founder of will discover the American who has shown great mental toughness, great courage, great focus, great resiliency and a winning attitude. The contest is open to athletes, parents, soldiers, cancer survivors, coaches and entrepreneurs. Anyone with a great [...]
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Figure skating presents some unique and significant psychological challenges for parents, coaches and athletes. A top expert is now sharing some the techniques, strategies and methods which separate the good skaters from the great skaters. Dr. Jay P. Granat, the author of several books and numerour programs is now offering [...]
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What causes hitting slumps in baseball and what can be done to help players break out of hitting slumps? This two hour program teaches young hitters and major leaguers the tools they need to get mentally tougher at the plate.(PRWeb May 12, 2010)Read the full story at [...]
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New program and a free book teaches parents, athletes and coaches how to master the psychology of hitting and how to end hitting slumps. It includes 101 hitting tips and 18 simple ways to get into the zone in just one minute.(PRWeb March 26, 2010)Read the full story [...]
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Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Founder of, author of many books and self-help programs for athletes and mental coach to top athletes, recently was invited to discuss the possibility of joining Cal Ripken's prestigious advisory board by Rikpen's New York PR agency. (PRWeb January 20, 2010)Read the [...]
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New book reveals the 50 characteristics of champions. This guide, by two prominent experts shows how math and psychology can be used to evaluate teams, players and coaches competing in big games. Team owners, sports executives, coaches, players, athletic directors and parents of athletes, fans and people who [...]
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Doctors who treat athletes and people with sports injuries can now connect with their patient populations quickly, efficient and inexpensively. Health care providers will have the opportunity to sign up for a wide range of services to attract more patients and add prestige and visibility to their practices. [...]
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Why are some hitters great in the cage but terrible once the game begins? A new program designed to help baseball players, parents and coaches end hitting slumps by addressing both the psychological and physical issues associated with the slump.(PRWeb May 06, 2009)Read the full story at [...]
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Dr. Jay Granat, of River Edge, New Jersey plans to teach golfers how to master the mental aspects of golf at a seminar planned for May 2 in Istanbul, Turkey.(PRWeb April 02, 2009)Read the full story at [...]
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