PGA Pro And One Of Golf Digest’s Top Mental Gurus Offer Free Seminar For Golfers

Nervous on the first tee? Tired of choking on three foot putts? Sick of losing to


golfers you can beat? Why are you a champ on the range, but a chump on the course?

Would you like to learn to master the mental and physical aspects of golf?

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Founder of and

author of How To Lower You Golf Score With Sport Psychology and Self-Hypnosis

and How To Get In The Zone And Stay In The Zone With Sport Psychology and Self-

Hypnosis will address the psychological, aspects of golf. Dr. Granat has counseled

top athletes in almost every sport. He has been featured on Good Morning America,

the BBC and has been named one of the country’s top ten mental gurus by Golf Digest.

Jon Manos, a highly respected PGA professional with twenty five years of

experience will talk about the physical and mechanical aspects of golf. Jon has taught at

Hackensack Country Club, Ridgewood Country Club and Emerson Country Club and

is currently based at The Closter Driving Range. Jon, who played on the mini tour has

taught more than 35,000 hours of lessons.

This free two hour seminar will be held on Wednesday, July 25th at 7:00 PM at

Dr. Granat’s office at 1060 Main Street, Suite 307, in River Edge, New Jersey. The

seminar will include questions and answers and demonstrations. Seating is limited.

To reserve your spot, call 201 342-3663.

Can’t make it to the seminar, but want golf tips?


Want to master the mental game of golf go to

Dr. Granat

About Dr. Granat

Since 1978, Dr. Granat has counseled thousands of highly competitive athletes from many different sports. His clients have included golfers, tennis players, bowlers, runners, boxers, baseball players, basketball players, pool players, hockey players, ice skaters, wrestlers, fencers and martial artists. (Satisfied Clients) on this site. Now athletes who are struggling with choking, nervousness, lack of confidence, negative thoughts, self-doubt, lack of energy or concentration problems can get the help they need to excel in their respective sport by phone.
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