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One Important Tip To Help Your Child Be A Better Baseball Hitter

Posted by: Dr. Granat on May 20, 2009


         Believe it or not this tip has nothing to do with grip, mechanics, balance, head

position, weight transfer, open stance, closed stance, hitting to the opposite field,

watching the ball, knowing the strike zone, hitting in the cage, bat speed, following

through, or where your elbow is when you get into the box.

           This tip is a vital thing for parents, coaches and young players to understand and

remember the night before the game, the day of the game, in the dugout, in the on deck

circle and in the batter’s box.

          Every week, parents contact me because their son or daughter is in a hitting slump.

          Now, I have dozens of interventions which I use to help baseball players to break

out of hitting slumps and to start to drive the ball with confidence, conviction, focus and


           I work closely with a number of hitting coaches and we make sure the player is

mechanically and physically sound.

             One tip that I have told many parents and coaches over the years is very simple

but it is exceedingly important.  Realize that many kids and  parents who seek out my

help are struggling with their relationship with their child around  their sport.  In this

case, it is baseball.  And specifically, it is about hitting with more consistency, especially

in pressure packed situations.

              So, here is the  tip:  Your child needs to know on a deep and sincere level that that you love them whether they hit two hundred or whether they hit four hundred.”  Once your child believes this and feels this kind of unconditional love, he or she is set up to perform better at the plate.  Make sure you communicate this message to your young player consistently and frequently.

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