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Is Your Child Born To Be A Baseball Player?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on May 3, 2010

A month ago, I got a call from a parent of a very fine baseball player who will be playing college baseball next year.  This athlete lives in a state which is in love with baseball. 

    The player and the young man’s father were both concerned and frustrated because of a prolonged hitting slump.   Consequently, they reached out to me to see if I could help to break the frustrating slump.

    I get lots of calls from hitters who are stuck in slumps during the baseball season.

    This particular young man was having some conflicts with his coach who was being rather unkind and unfair.  It seemed like the coach was treating him quite poorly.

    This kind of conflict is also quite common with young athletes.  In many instances, the player, the coach and the parent have difficulty in “getting on the same page.”

    I helped the player to manage his coach differently and I taught him to how to eliminate mental distractions and how to remain positive and confident at the plate.

    I also suggested that he read one of my books and use my cd program for baseball hitters.

    In taking a history from the player’s dad, I learned that this youngster’s first words were not “mommy” or “daddy.” 

    Rather, the first word he spoke was “ball.”

    At an early age, he showed remarkable baseball skills. 

    The player, his father and I all agreed that this was a sign that he was born to play baseball.   This thought helped to build his confidence and focus at the plate.

    Pay attention to your child’s early interests.  The may indicate the kinds of things they love as they grow up.

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