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How To Stop A Young Athlete From Choking When The Pressure Is On

Posted by: Dr. Granat on August 26, 2007

Many talented young athletes fail to perform to their fullest potential because they are anxious, lacking in confidence and distracted on the field or on the court. Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., Founder of has developed a program to help young athletes learn how to stay confident, calm and focused when the pressure is on.

Dr. Granat who has been featured on the front page of The Sunday New York Times, Good Morning America, The BBC, Tennis Magazine, and The Newark Star Ledger gets calls every day from parents of young athletes, coaches and athletes themselves who are frustrated because of poor performances. Granat, who has counseled athletes from a wide range fo sports including: baseball, tennis, golf, hockey, wrestling, soccer, football, bowling, basketball, boxing, the martial arts, auto racing, lacrosse, billiards and track and field. He has even counseled professional cowboys who want to perform better in rodeos.

Many fine athletes have never had any mental training in their sports. Sometimes, one or two simple techniques that teach competitors how their mind can control their body can make a world of difference for an athlete.

Some athletes come to see Dr. Granat at his offices. Others contact him by phone or by e-mail. Visit or call Dr. Granat at 888 580-ZONE

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