How To Manage School Stress

School will be starting for students in Bergen County shortly and the beginning of the academic year can create a lot of stress and a lot of challenges for young people and their parents. Moms and dads may have forgotten some of the challenges that school can create for young people.

Depending on the age of the child, there are a number of fears, adjustments and issues which can be troublesome for some youngsters:

1. Young children can be afraid of the new environment and they can be fearful of being abandoned at school.

2. Young children may also exhibit some anxiety about being separated from theirparents and their siblings.

3. Older children can be worried about fitting in and can be anxious about who they might eat with.

4. Some kids can be intimidated by the size of the physical size of the school.

5. Some young people will have difficulty managing the increased work load which they experience as they move through the educational system.

6. Adjusting to having five or six teaches after having only one can be a challenge for some children.

7. Others might be fearful of bullying.

8. Some students will be worried about the pressure to perform well academically.

9. Student-athletes may be concerned about the pressure to play well and compete well.

10. Some students will be preoccupied with looking as attractive as other young people.

11. Peer pressure around sex and drug and alcohol use can be very upsetting for a young person.

Parents need to be aware of these kinds of stressors and they need to be on the alert for the signs of stress in a young person. Observe your children carefully and see how they are handling the kinds of pressure mentioned in this article. Spend extra time supporting your children  and guiding them through these challenges.

Parents who notice a change in diet, sleep, eating, homework or exercise patterns need to monitor their kids carefully and consider getting some counseling from a professional if these problems and symptoms last for extended period of time.

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