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How To Help Your Child Play Better Soccer: One Simple Tip

Posted by: Dr. Granat on November 17, 2009

    Every week, I get calls  from parents who want their son or daughter to perform better at soccer.  Usually when they call me the child is struggling and is frustrated.
     There are many kinds of advice which I offer to concerned parents.
      However, the simple idea which follows is one that has helped lots of kids and parents.  It goes like this.
      Before your son or daughter goes on the field, give them a big hug.  Tell them that you love them very much whether they score five goals or no goals at all.  And look them in the eyes and tell him or her you love them whether they win or lose.
      This will help your child to feel good out there.  It will  take some pressure off and allow them to enjoy the game.
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