How To Cure A Hitting Slump: Dr. Jay Granat, Psychotherapist, Founder Tells You How

     This week, twelve baseball players contacted me for help with their hitting.  The players, coaches and parents are concerned because of slumps or fear of getting into a slump. Calls to me have been from parents of kids, high school players, college players and players playing in Triple A ball.

      Virtually all of them need help with either the mental or mechanical parts of their batting. Some need help with both, since they go together

        For instance, a tense hitter will hold the batter too tightly.  A hitter lacking in

confidence may be too selective at the plate or he may lose track of his strike zone.

     Furthermore, to bat in the zone, you have to understand the relationship between your mind and your body.

 I have a few hitting coaches who I refer the players to so that we can be sure that they are physically sound and that they are using the proper mechanics at the plate.

       Doug Anderson of Randolph, New Jersey is a skilled player, a wonderful hitting coach and a nice person.  He does an excellent job of addressing the physical and mechanical parts of hitting.  His experience as professional and college player and his ability to communicate clearly and enthusiastically make him a super teacher.  Doug can be reached at 973 945-7840.  You can email him at

      Doug and I plan to do some seminars together in the future and work as a team with some players.  It will be very useful for athletes, parents and coaches to have us both evaluate a hitter at the same time.

    I address the player’s mental approach to hitting.

has many of my articles on hitting as does

     Here is a link to one of my popular hitting programs.

        I can be reached at or at 888 580-ZONE.



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