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How To Break Any Hitting Slump In Just 90 Minutes: The Cure Is Just Phone Call Away

Posted by: Dr. Granat on December 26, 2010

Want To Break Your Hitting Slump
In Just 90 Minutes?
The Cure Is A Phone Call Away


Jay P. Granat, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist, Author, Columnist

Every day, I get calls from players, parents and coaches who are concerned, frustrated and worried about hitting slumps. Here is what they say-

“My kid has a great swing. He is great in the cage but chokes in games.”

“My son is working with a great hitting coach, but he still performs poorly when the pressure is on.”

“I haven’t been able to hit since I got hit with that inside pitch.”

“I have been stuck in a slump ever since I got to this college.”

“My coach is putting a lot of pressure on me and I can’t seem to concentrate at the plate.”

“I am not relaxed up there anymore. I can’t seem to see the ball the way I need to.”

“My timing is off. I just can’t seem to make good contact with the ball.”

“I haven’t gotten a hit in six games. I can’t figure it out.”

Because I have counseled thousands of baseball hitters and softball hitters, I have learned what they need to do to break out of frustrating hitting slumps.

And once the players learn these new mental approaches to hitting, they can end slumps, build their confidence and raise their batting averages.

To end your hitting slump, give me a call. Once we diagnose the cause of your problem, I will tell you exactly what you need to do to be calm, confident and focused at the plate.

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The CD program and the book sell for more than $100. They are yours free with your phone consultation and they are part of your slump busting program, your mental toughness training and your personal sports psychology program.

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