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How Team Chemistry Affects The Desire To Keep Playing

Posted by: Dr. Granat on November 9, 2012

How team chemistry affects the desire to keep playing
With , you can watch all the greatest sports teams as much as you want. But how do all of these professional and college teams do so well? Of course, practice, determination and talent are important, but team chemistry plays a large role in the desire to keep playing, and how well a team does.
Doing well as a team
Team chemistry is important at every level of sports, from pee wee sports to the pros. When your young athletes begin playing sports, team chemistry is especially key to giving them a positive experience. Doing well in the sports world involves a lot of confidence, both individually and as a team.
If your team does well, gets along with each other and wins games, you're likely to feel better about your abilities and, in turn, do even better, leading to a higher desire to continue playing sports. Teams that don't get along can't be expected to win against other teams – it's hard to win against someone else when you can't even work together as a team.
Even after a less-than-stellar losing season, your child could still have a desire to keep playing if they have a good time with their fellow team mates. Having fun and enjoying the sport with your team is essential to having a future in the game. After all, it is just a game – why keep playing if you're not having fun?
Getting involved in sports the positive way
It's all about starting the right way. For your child to keep their desire to play, and to do well, they'll need to be a part of a team with great chemistry.
Team chemistry can pave the way for success in sports. How you and your child think about the sport is extremely important. Make sure to look at the game in a positive way and to make healthy relationships and to bond with both the players and coaches. Take a step in the right direction with plenty of teamwork. The team chemistry will follow, and with some hard work and practice, your little athlete will have all the desire they need to succeed in athletics, and in life.

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