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How One Child Broke Out Of His Hitting Slump With Dr. Granat's Program

Posted by: Dr. Granat on April 29, 2009

I frequently get notes from parents of kids who I help through counseling, through my programs or through my books.  This time of the year, I have a lot contact with baseball players, coaches and parents of players.  Here is an e-mail I got today with a nice story. The dad was kind enough to allow me to post it on my blog.

Good morning Dr. Granat,

Just a quick note about how Zach is doing.

He read the book first as recommended by you. Then he started listening
to the CD's. He gets so relaxed he keeps falling to sleep during them.
Just last week on the bus he drifted off on the way to the game. He went
4/5 at the plate.

Although this has nothing to do with pitching. He has improve his focus
and seems more relaxed.

Zach has batted over 600 and has improve his slugging percentage to 800
percentage over the last 6 games. Hopefully this keeps up. He having fun
again and smiling..


Scott Fylling RCIS

Here is my response to him:
Hi Scott,
Thanks for the nice note.
This is a good story.
I am glad he is doing well.
Now that he is relaxed, it will be easy to help him find the right
Tell him I said to keep up the good work.
Can I post your story on my site?
Dr. JG

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