Hitting Tips, Batting Tips: How To Break Out Of A Hitting Slump

           What percentage of hitting is mental and what percentage is physical? 

            Great hitters know how to end slumps more efficiently than do mediocre batters.     To end slumps and hit consistently, you need to mentally tough and sound and you need to be physically tough and sound.  The two go together. 

            I am now working closely with Doug Anderson of Randolph, New Jersey.  Doug played professional baseball and  college baseball at a very high level.  Doug has been coaching baseball players for many years.

           He addresses the athlete’s mechanics and I address the players psychological, emotional, confidence and focus issues which can impact their ability to perform well at the plate.

           Doug and I have put together a program where players see him three times and seeme three times.  The players also get a free copy of my baseball program 101 Ways To Break Out Of A Hitting Slump.


         They also get a copy of one of my books Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute.


          Doug and I will collaborate to help hitters, coaches, kids and parents as best as we can.  We believe that addressing the mental and the physical aspects of hitting together will help lots of players.

          The fee for the this program is $649.   We don’t know of any program quite like this for hitters.

        Contact me at info@stayinthezone.com to learn more or at 888 580-ZONE.  And

feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Dr. Granat

About Dr. Granat

Since 1978, Dr. Granat has counseled thousands of highly competitive athletes from many different sports. His clients have included golfers, tennis players, bowlers, runners, boxers, baseball players, basketball players, pool players, hockey players, ice skaters, wrestlers, fencers and martial artists. (Satisfied Clients) on this site. Now athletes who are struggling with choking, nervousness, lack of confidence, negative thoughts, self-doubt, lack of energy or concentration problems can get the help they need to excel in their respective sport by phone.
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