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Hitting Tips And Pitching Tips-Sport Psychology For Baseball Players

Posted by: Dr. Granat on April 25, 2006

There are many books which address the mechanics of effective hitting and


pitching. There is relatively little written about the mental aspects of America’s

favorite past time.

Every hitter and pitcher who I have coached wants to perform better and there

are several mental tools and techniques which, if mastered, will improve their


Batters and pitchers need to know how to get themselves into the zone. In

adition, they need to know how to quiet their minds, focus and rediscover their

confidence if they start to choke during a game.

I teach pitchers and hitters a few simple mental exercises to help them

stay calm, focused and confident. These techniques include self-hypnosis,

meditation, relaxation training and visualization. They can be used before a

game, in between innings and in between pitches. These sports psychology

techniques are all about relaxation, focus and confidence.

Most young players are clueless as to how their mind can impact their

performance. They erroneously believe that there is only mental gear

which they can play in. Once they discover that they can control their mind

and that their mind can control their body, many players discover potential,

power and abilities they did not know they had.

Many of the sport psychology tools described above are included in our

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