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Golf Tips: Announcing A Free Seminar: How To Never Three Putt Again

Posted by: Dr. Granat on May 8, 2012


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Free Seminar to Teach Golfers How to Putt Like a Pro
Local Psychotherapist Advocates Mental Preparation for
Peak Performance on the Green

RIVER EDGE, N.J., May 7, 2012 – Dr. Jay Granat, Ph.D., who has been named one of America’s “Top Mental Gurus” by Golf Digest Magazine, will host a free putting seminar for area golfers on Monday, May 14, at his River Edge office. A psychotherapist and the founder of, Granat will walk golfers through his four-step method for improving their game on the green.

Attendees of the seminar will learn Granat’s CARE method of putting: Confidence, Accuracy, Relaxation and Enjoyment.

“While it may sound easy to train your mind to be relaxed, confident, focused and in a pleasant state of mind on the green, many golfers simply can’t get themselves into this ideal performance state when they’re competing,” says Granat.

“Putting is very mental,” adds Granat, who has worked with touring pros, PGA players, high school players and college golfers. “Most of the pros who come to see me for counseling are struggling with putting, tempo or their short game.

“Choking on short putts and missing putts to win wagers and tournaments frustrates golfers at every level. Mastering the mental part of putting can have a big impact on your score and on your handicap.”

Granat, author of How To Putt In The Zone With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis, says there are four mental skills that golfers of all levels need to master to improve their performance on the green. “That’s the basis of the CARE method.”

During the 90-minute seminar, Granat will explain and demonstrate how this putting method can help lower your score. He will also show golfers how to utilize “mental cross training” to improve performance on the green, in the fairway and off the tee.

The seminar will begin at 7 p.m. at Granat’s office, 1060 Main Street, Suite 307, in River Edge, N.J. High handicappers and single-digit handicappers are welcome. Reservations are required as space is limited. To reserve a spot, call Granat’s office at 201 342-3663.

About Dr. Jay Granat

Dr. Jay Granat has counseled athletes from around the world in virtually every sport. He has authored numerous books and programs that show children, weekend warriors and professionals how to perform their best under pressure. His works include How To Get In The Zone And Stay In The Zone WithSport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis, Bedtime Stories For Young Athletes, 101 Ways To Break A Hitting Slump With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis, How To Conquer Test Anxiety, How To Bowl In The Zone With Sport Psychology, Zone Tennis, How To Have A Killer Tennis Serve With Sport Psychology, How To Lower Your Golf Score With Sport Psychology, Who Will Win The Big Game, How To Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute and How To Lower Golf Score With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis.

Granat has appeared in many major media outlets including The New York Times,
The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, The BBC, The Canadian Broadcasting Company, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The Iowa Golfer, The Star Ledger, Tennis View Magazine and Tennis Magazine.

Dr. Granat also does private coaching and seminars at golf clubs, tournaments and corporate events.


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