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George Foreman, Motivation And Sports Psychology

Posted by: Dr. Granat on November 20, 2007




        Since I am very interested in human potential and in personal growth,

 I recently attended a motivational lecture given by George Foreman, the former

heavyweight champion of the world.


       Many years ago, I wrote a few articles about George Foreman’s fight with

Muhammad Ali, so I was quite curious to hear what he had to say in his

inspirational talk.


      George Foreman is a truly remarkable fellow.  His boxing accomplishments

are legendary.  He won the gold medal at the Olympics and he went on to become

the oldest man to  hold the heavyweight championship title after he was out of

boxing for quite some time.


      He has also had a successful career as a broadcaster, an ordained minister and

as a wildly successful entrepreneur.  His grills are in millions of homes around the

world as are his cook books and self-help guides.


        George Foreman has a simple, but inspiring message.  He encourages people to

push themselves to get up off life’s canvas when they feel defeated.  He has done

this successfully in the ring and in his own life.  He spoke about being broke and

being quite down on himself.   But, he forced himself to not give up, not be counted out

and “get up.”


        George has a wonderful sense of humor and a great way of presenting his

motivating and inspiring story.

         Many patients who come to see me are at a low point in their lives.  They

are having financial problems, relationship problems and work problems.  They

are doubting themselves and they are quitting or giving up on themselves.  


        When I counsel people who are feeling defeated or frustrated, I try to give

them inspirational pep talks that will encourage them to “get up and push on”

in their struggles and in their lives.

      A person who has been a boxer, minister and successful businessman

is well-suited to communicate messages about not quitting and about succeeding

in life.  George Foreman is not only a great fighter, a fine speaker and a successful

entrepreneur;  his simple and inspiring message points out that he is an excellent



      And remember, when you’re feeling down, find a way to “get up” and get hold of

your life.




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