Five Reasons Why Joe Torre Should Remain New York

Coaches sometimes call me to get advice on ways to motivate their players and teams.  In my view, Joe Torre is an outstanding coach and person.  This article contains some of my thoughts on the current question as whether he should remain as the manager of The New York Yankees.

Six Reasons Why Joe Torre Should Stay In New York


     The sports pundits, the fans and the bloggers are trying to figure out whether


the New York Yankee manager will stay or go.  While Joe Torre might need a


different strategy and approach toward the postseason, I think and hope he


 he stays in The Big Apple for the following reasons:



  1. Joe Torre is a gentleman of great character who handles the media in a gracious

            manner.   He is well-liked by most people and the world of sports benefits


            from having this kind person associated with it.


      2.      Joe Torre has an outstanding record.  It is simply unrealistic for the owner and


and for fans to expect to win a championship every year.  You know, some of


 the other teams have talent too.  In my mind, although I am a Yankee fan, I


 thought that the Boston Red Sox had the best team on paper at the start of this




  1.  I don’t think there is a better manager available at the present time.  Don


Mattingly is being talked about as the next likely skipper,  He was a super player.


He is popular, but he is not a proven winner as a manager.

  1. If Torre is asked to leave, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Alex Rodriguez may


also depart.  This will hurt the Yankees significantly.  They need these three


players in order to compete effectively.


  1. The Yankees have a cadre of fine young pitchers.  Joe Torre, the ex-catcher,


is a great person to coach these promising hurlers and help them to develop


to their fullest potential.



  1. The chemistry and camaraderie among the Yankees seems to be pretty good.


If Torre leaves, this sense of cohesiveness will come unglued.  This breakdown


will not be good for the franchise.


    Mr. Steinbrenner, are you listening?


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