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Dr. Granat Helps A Golf Pro

Posted by: Dr. Granat on January 22, 2009

  A golf pro who I counsel recently wrote this nice note.




I am the teaching pro at Drive 495 in  New York City.


I am a golf pro from Argentina who came to USA in pursuit of a PGA tour dream.

My family is a big golf family where two of my three brothers are also touring pros in

South America.  My  dad a former scratch player who at the age of 82 still has a one digit handicap.


After having some very good results in the Metropolitan PGA section this year, and almost making the US Open, I spoke to my coach Robert Baker and my personal trainer Don Saladino.  We all agreed that I needed mental training to get me to the goal I had

dreamt about my whole life.

A few months ago, I got in touch with  Dr. Granat because I really like the simple way he approaches your issues whether they are  personal problems  or golf problems.


At the level that I compete at, what makes the difference is not the way you swing a club or the brand or model of clubs you are using or how strong you are and how far you hit the ball.  You can see this very clearly when you watch golf tournaments on television

featuring the finest players in the world. 


Rather,  it is the power of your mind, your strong desire and the control of your emotions what will get you to the top of yoru game.

It is your inner game and  your attitude. After just a few sessions with Dr. Granat, you will see great results. That is what impressed me the most about  Dr. Granat.


 All golfers want to see results right away and I am not the exception.

With Dr. Granat’s  advice, help and techniques, I saw results immediately. His hypnotic techniques and advice helped me right away.


Don't waste more time and money on stuff that  you don't really need. He can help you take your golf game where you want to take it.


Pedro Benenati

Drive 495

495 Broadway 2 nd floor

NY NY 10012

Ph 631 6629815


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