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Sports Psychology: Staying Focused

Train your mind to focus on just one thing.  Gradually increase the amount of time you spend concentrating on one object, word, idea, image, thought or feeling.  In time, you will learn how to eliminated distractions and zero in on what is important, significant and meaningful.  This is a very important skill for athletes.  Instructions […]

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I always place a message in my waiting room to inspire patients while they wait to see me.  Here is a favorite-“When you look at a garden, you can focus on the weeds or on the flowers.”

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Sports Psychology, Elite Athletes, Coaches And Parents

     Over the years, I have counseled and coached a number of elite and world   class athletes.  These people have competed in some very demanding sports like   ice skating, swimming, diving,  weight lifting, wrestling, fencing, the martial arts,   professional football, boxing, professional baseball and professional golf.  Some of   these clients have […]

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Sports Psychology: Golf Tip Of The Day

Watch how your opponents’ balls behave when they land on the green.  This will give you some clues as to the speed, break and contour of the putting surface. This   knowledge will  help you putt better.

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Sports Psychology: Golf Tips

At this week’s seminar, a lot of golfers said they were typically very nervous on the first tee with people watching them.  Strategies for managing this anxiety were  discussed by myself and my the PGA pro who led the seminar with me.  More tips on managing this anxiety   can be found at.

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What’s On Every Golfer’s Mind?

Last night, a PGA Pro and I gave a seminar for high handicap golfers who want to better their scores. One of the most common concerns raised by the group was this question:   Why I am I good on the range and terrible on the course?

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Today’s Hitting Tip

I coach lots of baseball players.  Hitting is complicated, but one tip that has helped alot of baseball players is to concentrate on the path of the ball.  Thinking about the path of the ball instead of the ball itself helps some players to focus better on the object that they want to make contact […]

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Sports Psychology: What’s Helping The Yankees?

The New York Yankees have been playing great ball in the second half of the season.  I think Joe Torre has done an excellent job of helping the team view the later part of the season as being a new beginning.  The team has a different energy about it now.  Maybe this new attitude and […]

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What Will Happen To Alex Rodriguez?

       It’s the middle of the major league baseball season. The 2007 All Star Game is now  history.  And  A-Rod’s contract with New York Yankees is up for renewal.          The sports pundits and millions of fans are  now speculating as to whether he will remain in pinstripes or decide to depart from The […]

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Today’s Free Golf Tip: Swing Thoughts

I have coached quite a few PGA pros and single digit handicap players over ther years.  These fine players usually have either one thought or no thought when they prepare to strike the ball.  You don’t want to clutter your mind when you compete.  For more golf tips, visit and check some of the […]

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Sports Psychology-Free Golf Tip Of The Week

A golfer with a seven handicap who I counseled some time ago had a very simple and useful swing thought that he used before every swing.  “God grant me the courage to never swing hard.” For more golf tips, go to

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Free Seminar For Golfers: 101 Ways To Break 100

Jon Manos, a PGA professional and I will conduct a free seminar on July 25, 2007 at 7:00 PM at my office in River Edge, NJ.  The seminar will teach golfers how to master the mental and physical aspects of golf.  For more information on our programs go to or

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An Inspirational Message

Every week, I place an inspirational quote on a white board in my office waiting room. This quote and the article that goes along with it has always been amongst the most popular and most inspirational. Patients from many different walks of life seem to enjoy it. “You Can Never Stop The Waves, But You […]

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