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I frequently get e-mails, letters and phone calls from people who are having good success with my books and my cd programs.

Here is one I recently got from a bowler who was kind enough to let me place his message on my blog.

He talks about using some of my the techniques described in one of my books to improve his confidence, performance and focus when he competes at bowling.

Hello Dr Granat,I just wanted to give you an update. I received the CD’s on staying in the zone and you enclosed the book as well. I am in the process of fixing my cd player, but I read the book and it is great. I reread the key areas describing how to get into the zone and in that brief time I have been able to focus and concentrate better on my league bowling to the point of better success the last couple of weeks and I have had less of a fear of failing.I have been utilizing the special person talking to me and telling me to focus and I can do it and I keep repeating it and I do not look at my score so I am not influenced on what has happened previous to the frame I am concentrating on and although it is of course only a couple of weeks now, the success is very promising. I am sure the cd’s will reinforce this even more.Thank you very much,

Mike Dinaburg  


Dr Granat,Sure you can use my comments. It is my pleasure. In these times when a lot of people are quick to point out faults and shortcomings of people especially people trying to help people, I believe complements should be done as well. You have a great Thanksgiving also. I will be in touch as I complete the cd’s.  Mike   


Dr. Granat

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