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Sports Psychology For Golfers

Want To Play On The PGA Tour, The Nationwide Tour Or The Hooters Tour?Over the last few years, I have worked with a number of golfers who want   to play professional golf. It is very challenging and difficult to make it on these tours, since the competition is stiff and the margin for error […]

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Announcing The Opening Of A One Day Golf School: Personalized Training For Top Golfers

Are you trying to make it on the PGA tour, The Nationwide Tour, The   LPGA or The Hooters Tour? Tired of choking of three foot putts? Sick of losing to players you should beat? Why are you a champ on the range and a chump on the course? Would you like to have a […]

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Sports Psychology, Golf Psychology, Putting And PGA Pros

Over the years many pro golfers have asked me for help with their   putting. Professional golfers are quite perfectionistic about their short games and are rarely satisfied with this crucial part of their sport. When you counsel golfers at this elite level, making a minor adjustment is usually all that is needed to get […]

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Sports Psychology Observations: Sometimes You Have To Be There

For many years, I have coached and counseled athletes and parents or   athletes from a wide range of sports including: baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, bowling, football, surfing, skiing, archery, wrestling, boxing, shooting, football, hockey, soccer, ice skating, billiards and the martial arts. Most of these athletes contact me when they are nervous about a […]

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Sports Psychology: What's Wrong With Alex Rodriguez?

Two weeks ago, a reporter from Newsday called me to get my thoughts and   observations as to what was going on with Alex Rodriguez. Because I have counseled and coached many athletes I frequently get calls from the media about sports and about and about athletes.. At that point in time, as baseball fans […]

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Sports Psychology Advice For Athletes And Entrepreneurs: How To Recover From A Setback

Yesterday, a reporter from a national magazine interviewed me to get some of my thoughts on how I help people to get past a major setback in one’s life. This writer was particularly interested in the best ways to help men overcome disappointments in business and in sports. Life is certainly loaded with disappointments and […]

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Sports Psychology, Teenagers, Tennis And Choking

This week I received a dozen phone calls from parents of highly competitive   teenage tennis players. Virtually all of the parents who called had the same kinds of concerns. “My kid can beat anybody in practice, but chokes in tournaments.” “My child is constantly losing to players he should beat.” “My daughter is in […]

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Sports Psychology, Mental Toughness Training , Student-Athletes

Academia and sports are becoming increasingly more competitive in   today’s world. I recently read that some of the Ivy League schools are now rejecting seventy percent of the valedictorians who apply for admission. Obviously, these elite schools are swamped with applicants. In addition, the admissions people are now considering other factors like SAT scores, […]

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Sports Psychology: Addicted To Golf?

Some years ago, I counseled a man who was one of the best amateur golfers in his state. He had finished in second place and third place in his state’s annual amateur tournaments in previous years. This fellow loved golf. He enjoyed practicing, playing and competing. He had played golf around the world with a […]

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Tiger Woods To Face A Tough Challenge- How To Teach Young Athletes To Recover From A Loss

One of my patients is a young golfer who is hoping to get an athletic scholarship to   a prestigious university. Like Tiger Woods and his dad, this young man is very close with his father. His father taught him golf and they play a golf together almost every weekend. They both feel they are […]

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Hitting Tips And Pitching Tips-Sport Psychology For Baseball Players

There are many books which address the mechanics of effective hitting and   pitching. There is relatively little written about the mental aspects of America’s favorite past time. Every hitter and pitcher who I have coached wants to perform better and there are several mental tools and techniques which, if mastered, will improve their performance. […]

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How To Turn Your Four Year Old Into A Fine Hitter

Hitting a moving round object with a cylinder is one of the most difficult tasks in all of sports. There are a lot of theories and strategies on how to best teach a young child the fundamental skills which are required to master this particular athletic challenge. Here are a few simple tips and a […]

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Is Your Child Afraid To Play Baseball?

The baseball season for children in towns throughout Bergen County is starting to get into full swing now that April has arrived. It can be a wonderful time of the year for the kids and for the parents. However, many kids struggle at baseball because they are terrified of being hit by the ball when […]

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Sports Psychology: Young Athlete Faces A Tough Challenge

Student-athletes experience a substantial amount of stress because of the   intense pressure, scrutiny and wide range of constant challenges which they are required to deal with in an effective manner. Besides having to compete, student athletes need to deal with coaches, the media, friends, academics, teammates and, in some instances, a difficult parent. These […]

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Psychology Of Serving In Tennis

A big serve is a huge weapon in tennis. In order to serve well, you need to have reliable mechanics, an effective pre-serve routine and a range of different serves. In addition, top servers know how to disguise their serve, so their opponent can not determine what kind of serve is coming their way. Furthermore, […]

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“Doc, I Get Very Nervous When I Stand Over That Golf Ball.”

Some years ago, a man came to talk to me about his trials and tribulations on the golf course. He desperately wanted to play better and was convinced that he was struggling with the mental aspects of the game. This fellow was the epitome of a tough guy. He was just under six feet tall […]

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