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Sports Psychology, Pitching Tips: Nervous On The Mound? Why Your Kid Can't Pitch In Big Games

“My son is great in practice, but chokes during competition.”“My daughter can throw that softball a ton in the backyard, but when she pitchesin front of her coaches, she loses it.”“My son has Division I potential, but he can’t take the pressure of big games.It’s killing him and it is frustrating his mom and me.”Every […]

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Sports Psychology: Teaching Children About The Psychology Of Hitting A Baseball

Hitting a baseball, is considered by many people to be one of the mostdifficult physical tasks to master in all of sport. This time of the year I get lots ofcalls from parents of baseball players who want their youngsters to performbetter at the plate.   Typically, I help them learn how to stay relaxed, […]

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Sports Psychology, Baseball And The Psychology Of Hitting

This time of the year I counsel lots of baseball players. Usually, they come to   see me about problems with hitting or pitching. Occasionally, I do get calls from baseball players who report “choking” when they have to make an accurate throw. I have seen this problem with catchers and with infielders. Recently, however, […]

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Sports Psychology: The Interpersonal Side Of Sports

When people think of sports psychology and sport psychologists, visualization, self-hypnosis, motivational training, goal setting, relaxation training, meditation and mental toughness training come to mind. And while these are important aspects of sport psychology, managing interpersonal relationships is also a vital aspect of sports psychology. Every week, I get calls and e-mails from players who […]

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Nervous At The Plate? Sports Psychology & Baseball Hitting Tips

Lots of baseball players, particularly young players, can get pretty anxious   when they get up to the plate. Some kids are nervous because they are afraid of being hit by a pitch. Other are anxious about performing well with others are watching them. Some players can feel themselves getting nervous when they sit in […]

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Sports Psychology, Long Distance Runnning And The Heart Of A Champion

Last week I was interviewed by a documentary film company that is creating a movie about the run around the world completed by Serge Roetheli and his wife Nicole Roetheli. The filmmakers wanted my thoughts and insights into what can empower a man and his wife to sell all their belongings and embark on a […]

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Sports Psychology: Advice For Baseball Dads

It’s Spring. The Yankees and the Mets have played their home openers and the baseball season is underway for kids and parents in Bergen County and throughout the entire country. My son likes baseball. And while he is not the next Mickey Mantle, he does a few things quite well. He switch hits and has […]

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Sports Psychology For Baseball Players: Hitting In The Zone

When you’re in a hitting slump, everything seems wrong. Your stance just   does not feel right. You don’t see the ball well. You don’t react well. You don’t anticipate well. The bat is not comfortable in your hands. You’re guessing wrong and you’re thinking too much. You try to focus on the ball, but […]

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Sports Psychology: How To Stop Choking At Pitching

“My kid is a talented pitcher, but he chokes when the pressure is on.”   “ My daughter was pitching great in practice, but she lost it when the scouts were watching her.” “Once I give up a few hits, I lose my confidence and I’m done. My legs get weak. I can’t get any […]

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Sport Psychology: Why Do Some Athletes Snap?

Last Saturday, I appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America. A producer   asked me to comment on the the recent violent act in the Ranger vs. Islander hockey game. I have written on violence in sports in the past and I have been interviewed by the British Broadcasting Company on this subject. However, this most […]

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Making It In The National Footbal League

It’s the Super Bowl season and a lot of us are thinking about the   National Football League and the big game. Fans and non fans are entering pools and preparing for parties with friends, family members and coworkers. About six weeks ago, I received a call from a fine young athlete who had a […]

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Sports Psychology, Shooting And Hypnosis

Several years ago, I was giving a seminar on putting to a group of competitive golfers. During the class, four or five of the participants identified themselves as serious shooters who competed in events throughout the United States. At first, I was a bit surprised to have these people attending a seminar that was designed […]

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Sports Psychology, Football And The New York Giants

Part of the Giants’ recent collapse can be attributed to injuries to   seven of their starting players. Widespread injuries to key players like these can be significant obstacles for many professional football teams to overcome. In my view, however, the Giants problems are a bit more deep seated than having injured players. The Giant […]

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Do You Or Your Child Suffer From Test Anxiety?

“My daughter is very bright, but she panics when she has to take tests.” “My son can’t sleep the night before a test.” “I was so scared during the SAT’s that I couldn’t concentrate at all. I took a prep class, but it didn’t help me. I was just too up tight to do well. […]

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Sports Psychology, Sport Psychologist, Sport Psychology, New York, New Jersey

Sports Psychology Counseling: Phone Sessions and Private Coaching Sessions Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., Founder, 888-580-ZONE Who Do We Help? For almost twenty years, I have counseled athletes, parents of athletes and coaches who work closely with top athletes. Here are some examples of the issues and concerns that people call us about: - A […]

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Sports Psychology: Stress Management For Young Athletes

Being an elite athlete can produce significant stress for teenagers who   participate in highly competitive sports. A lot of the stress comes from pressure that they put on themselves and pressure that they experience from coaches, media, parents and peers. Many fine athletes who have I counseled suffer from significant anxiety, depression, insomnia and […]

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