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Announcing The Opening Of A One Day Golf School: Personalized Training For Top Golfers

Posted by: Dr. Granat on September 14, 2006

Are you trying to make it on the PGA tour, The Nationwide Tour, The


LPGA or The Hooters Tour?

Tired of choking of three foot putts? Sick of losing to players you should beat?

Why are you a champ on the range and a chump on the course? Would you like

to have a single digit handicap?

To take your golf game to that next level, you need to master the mental

as well as the physical aspects of your game.

Now you can spend a day with one of the Golf Digest’s Top Mental Golf Gurus.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. Dr. Granat has worked with hundreds of golfers and has

coached several PGA professionals as well as many athletes from other sports.

You can read more about him at or at

You will also spend time with one of several top PGA teaching professionals.

Dr. Granat and your pro will show you what you need to do to improve the

mental and the mechanical aspects of your game.

This one day intensive program is for the serious player who feels that he

or she can benefit from a full day of individual coaching. Here is what you will


-You will get A Free copy of How To Lower Your Golf Score With Sport Psychology and Self-Hypnosis. This product sells for $100.00. You can read more about it at

-You wil get a Free copy of How To Get In The Zone And Stay In The Zone With
Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis. This CD program will teach
you how to stay calm, focused and confident and when the pressure is on.
This 21 chapter program sells for $99.95. You can read more about it

-You will get a personalized sport psychology and mental toughness evaluation.

- A swing analysis by a top PGA teaching professional

-A video tape of your swing

-A an analysis of your putting game

-A gourmet lunch at a 5 Star Restaurant

-Three hours of follow-up phone consultations with Dr. Granat.

For more information about this one day program, contact Dr. J. Granat

888 580-ZONE. Or visit

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