An Inspirational Message

Every week, I place an inspirational quote on a white board in my office waiting room. This quote and the article that goes along with it has always been amongst the most popular and most inspirational. Patients from many different walks of life seem to enjoy it.

“You Can Never Stop The Waves, But You Can Always Learn How To Surf.”

Life can feel pretty stormy at times. And sometimes, it feels like the powerful waves just keep pounding us. It can be hard to get centered, find your balance and catch your breath when time pressure, money pressure and family stress can cause you to feel like you are drowning. When you’re feeling like the waves of life in the year 2007 are knocking you off your board, let your mind move to the image of the graceful surfer, whomay stumble a bit, but manages to discover a safe and enjoyable place within the wave, where he or she can find fun, adventure, peace and contentment.

Remember, waves come in different sizes and shapes. So, in order to surf well and cope well, you have to be open-minded, curious, willing to take risks and ready to bounce back after taking a few falls.

If things are getting really tough, you may even want to utilize the image of the teenage surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack several years ago. Despite her traumatic setback, she is back on her board, finding her balance and learning to surf once again.

A few times a week, I write inspirational, educational and motivational quotes on a white board in my waiting room. Sometimes, I try to find or create quote which will have meaning or an impact on the patients I will see on a given day.

These quotes come from a variety of different sources. The one about the waves and surfing, is an idea that has its origin in Buddhism and it has been one of the most popular sayings that I have ever posted in my reception area.I guess we are all always trying to manage life’s challenges in a more effective, and graceful way……….

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