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Afraid Of Public Speaking? How To Really Beat Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Posted by: Dr. Granat on October 20, 2009




How To Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking



       Public speaking can create a lot of fear and anxiety for many people.  As Jerry


Seinfeld once remarked about delivering a eulogy, “Most people would rather be


in the casket than be delivering the speech.”


         People who suffer from anxiety related to public speaking report a wide range


of symptoms when they think about having to express their ideas in public.  These


symptoms include:  insomnia, increased pulse rate, shortness of breath, blushing,


sweating and nausea.


         In some instances, people’s careers are negatively impacted by this pervasive


and common fear.  A number of years ago, I treated several trial lawyers who used to


become physically ill before they had to deliver their opening statements.  These


highly competent attorneys were afraid that they would make fools of themselves in


front of the judge, jurors and their adversaries.


     When I was younger, I used to dislike public speaking.  I overcame my fear by


uilizing self-hypnosis and by forcing myself to practice speaking as much as possible.


The continual practice and the hypnosis must have worked because I went on to become


a university professor.  I also took third place in a stand-up comedy contest.  


          If you or someone you love suffer from anxiety related to public speaking there are


a number of things you can do to alleviate this fear.


1.   Choose a topic or an approach to your topic that you  love and feel enthusiastic


       about.   This will energize your presentation and help to minimize your anxiety.


2.   While you may think the audience is your enemy and eager to see you fail and make


 a fool of yourself, most people want you to succeed and want  to enjoy your




3.  Start off with some humor as this will help you to relax and help you and your



    audience get comfortable with one another.



4.   Look upon speaking as an opportunity to do something possible for others.  Your


      ideas can really make a difference for your audience.  Many of us don’t get this


       chance that often in our lives.  Enjoy this forum. 



5.   Don’t over prepare or under prepare.  Like a good athlete, you need to discover the


       right training regime.  After giving a few talks, you will know when you are


       really ready to give a super talk.



6.   While you may think you will pass out or vomit, fortunately, these things rarely




7.    Seeing yourself on video is something that makes many of us anxious.  However,


        it is a great way to learn how to improve your presentation style.


8.    If you need to give a long speech, include a lot of audience interaction.  This


      will increase the likelihood of people liking you, learning more, remembering


      more about your content and   thoroughly enjoying your talk.


   9.    Practice making good eye contact whenever you talk to anyone.  Then use this


       good eye contact with the people in your audience.  This is one of the physical keys


       for effective public speaking.


10.  Include some real life stories in your talk.  This is a proven formula


        for delivering a good talk.


11.   A little anxiety prior to speaking is normal and fine.  In fact, may actors report


        feeling this way prior to performing.  You need to learn to use this anxiety


        as energy to fuel your speech. 


12.   Imagine yourself being delivering a successful speech and getting a nice round


        of applause from the audience. 



13.   Learn self-hypnosis as these techniques will teach you to quiet your


        mind and calm your body during your talk.  Here is a link to a program which

        which will help you to be relaxed, calm and focused when the public speaking pressure 

        is on. 

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is a Psychotherapist and the Founder of


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