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Sports Psychology, Baseball, Joba Chamberlain And The New York Yankees

What should the Yankees do with Joba Chamberlain? Don’t Tamper With Success             Baseball championships are won with great pitching.           The Boston Red Sox appear to be building a baseball dynasty with their cadre of great starters and relief pitchers.  If the Yankees want to compete with their rivals, they need […]

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Sports Psychology: This Week’s Tennis Tip On Doubles Strategy From Dr. Jay Granat

When you play doubles and are positioned inside the service line and your opponents are in the one up and one back position, get in the habit of hitting high balls to the up man and low balls to the back man.  This is a simple and generally very effective bit of tennis strategy. For  […]

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Sports Psychology Weekly Golf Tip: How To Choose The Right Putter

       Ignore all the advertising and use a putter which feels right for you and which allows you to comfortably and easily find the right line and the right speed.  Don’t pay attention to the putter that the pros use.  Putting is highly indivdualistic and you need to find a stick that suits you well.   Select […]

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Sports Psychology: A Good Tip For Impressing Coaches And Scouts

To Get An Athletic Scholarship, You Have To Impress The Coaches   Due to the rising cost of a college education and as a result of the increased interestin playing sports at the university level, more and more athletes and families areworking toward athletic scholarships. There are consultants and seminars which outline the strategies, techniquesand […]

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How To Lower Your Golf Score And Increase Your Sales published this piece recently.  Here is the link:

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What’s Really Wrong With Yankees Now? A Psychological Perspective

          The Yankees are struggling right now and they do have a few obvious problems this season.         First, they simply do not appear to be as strong a team as is their arch rival from Boston.   The Red Sox appear to have great depth and great team chemistry.  The team from […]

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Sports Psychology: Golf Tip Of The Week From Dr. J. Granat

   Three golf pros came to see me this week. They all were suffering from confidence problems.    There are many things I do to restore a golfer’s confidence and belief in himself or herself.  Some of these ideas are included in my golf program.      I also frequently encourage golfers to get maps of […]

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Sports Psychology: Tennis Players With Frozen Arms

This week three different tennis players came to see me because they feel that thier arm is frozen or locked when they are about to serve. I have seen this problem many times in man sports and I have a number of solutions for this issue. I have seen this same anxiety related problem in […]

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How To Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute: ESPN Radio Interview With Dennis Silver-The Las Vegas Golf Guru

On Wed. May 21, I will be interviewed on Dennis Silver will talk to me about my new book Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute: 21 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Performance. The book is at Barnes and Noble: It is also at  We will also talk about golf, […]

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Sports Psychology: Young, Elite Athletes From A Variety Of Sports Benefit From Mental Toughness Training

Here is an articles that a writer wrote about me—— Sports Doctor Helps Young Athletes Perform Better (RIVER EDGE, New Jersey) – A young swimmer overwhelmed with negative thoughts, a teenage baseball player with low confidence, a child gymnast afraid of falling – what do they have in common? Aside from amazing athletic talent, they […]

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Dr. Granat Agrees To Write A Column For

This is an interesting, informative and useful site. Since I do a lot of work with families and with couples, I thought it would be fun, useful, helpful and interesting to write for this site periodically.

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Dr. Granat Quoted On

I was interviewed by a reporter for Here is the link for that piece. Pardon the wrong spelling of my name.

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Dr. Granat’s Sports Psychology: Golf Tip

        Today, I received a wonderful e-mail from a parent of a very talented young golfer in South Africa.  Apparently, this young player had been struggling in tournmanents.        His parent contacted me and I suggested that his child start some mental toughness training by listening to  my two volume Stay In The Zone Program. […]

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Sports Psychology Tip Of The Week From Dr. Jay Granat

   Your head is the heaviest part of your body.  If your head moves a great deal, you can throw your body off balance.       A still and quiet head is important in baseball hitting, golf, tennis, shooting a baseketball, bowling, hockey, billiards on and on and on.        A still head also allows your […]

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Sports Psychology: Albert Pujols Hitting Tips

I was watching the baseball game last night and I loved Albert Pujols’ description of hitting philosophy.  He noted that he looks for a ball that he can drive into the gaps.  This simple approach allows him to keep his mind clear and focused when he steps up to the plate.       In my view, […]

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Sports Psychology: Dr. J. Granat’s Weekly Tennis Tip

Replace Criticism With Curiosity       Berating yourself and putting yourself down will not help you to play in the zone.   Replace your tendency to criticize yourself with a smart question:  What did you just learn from your last shot or from  the last point?          This wise question will keep you thinking in a […]

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